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Thrive in Life and Practice.

Say goodbye to being underpaid and overworked!

We're dedicated to recognizing the true value of veterinary professionals, offering salaries up to 40% above market rate. Join us and be rewarded for your expertise and dedication.

Experience a refreshing approach to veterinary care where you set the pace. With our focus on wellness care, you'll never work weekends, holidays, or late-night shifts.

Your life always comes first. Vetr offers a best in class approach to benefits and scheduling so you can do what you love without sacrificing time with the ones you love.

Longer, in-home appointments reduce stress, eliminate distractions, and allow you to provide the best care while building stronger relationships with clients who treat you with kindness and respect.

female vet with cat

Women comprise the majority of US veterinarians, but only earn 83% of their male counterparts*

The gender pay gap in veterinary medicine stops with Vetr. As women continue to outpace men in this field, we are committed to raising the pay standards for veterinarians and technicians and ensuring our team receives equal pay for equal work.

42% of veterinarians desired to decrease their hours by 10-19 hours in 2022*

At Vetr, you'll set your own schedule with a 4 day work week (35 hours) and a maximum of 7 households per day. We currently do not offer late night, weekend, or holiday appointments so you can rely on a consistent, low-stress schedule with no emergencies or surprises.

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40% of veterinarians said they had considered leaving the veterinary profession for reasons other than retirement*

Burnout is real and we're committed to fostering an environment that prioritizes your mental health and life-work balance. A consistent, low-stress schedule, ample vacation time, and new pay standards are just some of the ways we put our team first and remind them why they joined this profession in the first place.

Tired of being treated poorly by pet parents?

After one day of in-home visits, the feedback from our team is always the same, "I can't believe how nice they were." Our members treat our team like they would any other guest in their home, with kindness, respect, and hospitality. And if they don't, we reserve the right to cancel their membership.

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Interested in Vetr? Let's chat!

We're currently searching for part-time and full-time veterinarians and part-time veterinary technicians in the below cities. If you're ready to reclaim your life-work balance, submit your resume along with this quick form. We're always looking for talented people, feel free to submit a resumé to be considered for future opening!



West Michigan Lakeshore

Grand Rapids, MI

Metro Detroit

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